Exsisting Digipaks - Newton Faulkner- Rebuilt by Humans

/ Saturday, 1 December 2012 /

Front and Back

Shows the artist, as he is well known for his dreadlocks and they are visable despite the fact his is a silhouette. The images around him suggest relations to the album name,

All the same font.

Artist name:
 Important for potential buyers, helps recognise whose album it is.

Album name:
Again important for potential buyers, helps recognise the album.

The album name follows from his debut album 'hand built by robots'.

Track List:
Lets audience know which number song is which, also important for in stores, helps identify singles and well known songs that may encourage someone to buy it.

Distribution Info:
Small as it is not the most important to all audiences. When made, who by and copyright info.

LOGOS:Produced by, companies involved in making the album.

Mentions a coiple of singles to encourage buyers. Bigs up the album previously released.



Repeats of the symbols from the front of the album.

Photographs of the artist made to look like drawings or almost prints with an effect.

Repeat of the silhouette of the artist.


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