Existing Digipaks - P!nk - Funhouse.

/ Saturday, 1 December 2012 /
 Front and Back

Shows the artist, she's depicted on a carousel horse which relates the album title. She's showing a lot of flesh, something she's almost got a reputation for, but also it attracts people to the album cover.

The background is bright stripes you would probably associate with a carnival or amusement park, and within those 'pink' is repeated.

The image on the back similarly shows the artist in little clothing and it has an old style feel about it.

Artists Name and Album Name:
Important for recognition, are the same size as each other and by comparison much smaller than the image of the artist.

Track List:
Varies in fonts but only a few still used, and they stick with the carnival, circus theme.

Production Info:
Small and to the side/ bottom along with the logos of the companies involved.

Known singles on the album, font on the sticker larger than the album name font.


Carnival Circus themed images surrounding a framed image of the artist.

Another image of the artist, bright against background.


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