EVALUATION : In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms & conventions of real media products?

/ Sunday, 15 April 2012 /
My completed magazine uses conventions of magazines similar on the market, for example, Billboard and Top of the Pops. The magazine uses the bright colours found on these magazines and very similar features and articles for example interviews, concert reviews and information about anything music related. Although I took ideas from Top of the Pops, it was vital that I developed the conventions into a more stylish and less cluttered design, as my magazine fits a gap in the market for Adult Pop magazines. Billboard is the only adult music magazine that seems to encompass Pop, and so there’s a massive hole in the market, since Billboard Magazine is only published in the US, and is not a niche audience, it is a chart magazine and so other genres are also in there, I have taken a slightly similar route with my magazine, and included some musicians that are not strictly pop, but fit a similar audience, for example Freelance Whales, as a way of introducing new music through this publication.


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