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Please tick or circle your answers.

Gender:               Male                      Female
Age:                       14-15                     16-18                     18+
Favourite Genre of music:
                Pop                        Rock                      Dance                   Indie                      Metal                    Hiphop                 R’N’B                     Other (please state) ___________________________________________
How much money do you spend on music?
                £0                           £0.01-£25                             £25.01-£50                          £50.01-£100                                                                        £100.01-£150                      £150 +
How do you listen to music?
                Radio                     TV Music Channels                          CD’s/Vinyl’s/etc.                              Computer           Internet                 iPod/mp3player                               Phone.
Do you illegally download music?
All the time                         Quite Often                        Occasionally                       Never

Do you/Have you ever been to a gig/concert?
Yes                         No         
Do you/have you ever been to a music festival?
Yes                         No
Do you buy music magazines?
Yes                                         No
Why? ____________________________________________________________________________
If yes, which ones? (put no more than three)
Who are your three favourite artists/bands?

How often would you be willing to buy a magazine?
                Weekly                 Fortnightly          Monthly

What is the maximum price you are prepared to pay?
                Less than £1.      £1.01-£2               £2.01-£3               £3.01-£4               £4+        

What is the most important selling point about a magazine to you?                                                      
                Freebies                              Who is on the cover                        A feature band                                 Brand loyalty                      Other (Please state)_______________________________________

What would you like to see in a magazine?
                Gig Reviews                       Music Reviews                  Gossip                  Competitions                                     New Music                         Photo Shoots                     Posters                 Adverts                                                                Other (please state) __________________________________________________________
Do you prefer learning about new bands/artists or well-known/current ones?
New                      Current                                Both     

Should music magazines be genre specific or broad?
                Genre Specific                   Broad                    Don’t know
Does the music you listen to influence the clothes you wear?
                Yes                         No

What colours would attract you to a music magazine? (pick three)
                Black                      White                    Grey                      Red                        Yellow                   Blue                       Green                   Pink                                Purple                   Orange                 Brown
                Other (please state) ______________________________________________________
What tones would you prefer a magazine to be?
Cover                    Inside


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